Working towards benefits of the "Poorest of the Poor"
Working towards benefits of the "Poorest of the Poor"

Director's Message

"CEI is operating and managing a Centre in Noida, Uttar Pradesh for fitting of artificial limbs, providing calipers, etc. to the physically challenged persons. It provides FREE OF COST artificial limbs and calipers that are fabricated and assembled by qualified and trained experts as per specification of each individual."

Shanti Sir
Shanti Kumar Jain - CEO   of CEIINDIA

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The Donations enjoy tax benefit under section 80G, vide DIT (Exemptions), Delhi letter no. DIT (E)/2010-2011/C-1294/5536 dated 27/2/2012.

Please donate generously and spread the light to those who are the most deprived. All donations are accepted only by Cheque/Bank Draft.

All donations to the Trust are eligible for Tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax Act vide DIT (Exemptions), Delhi Letter No. DIT(E)/2010-2011/C-1294/5536 dated 27/2/2012. Cheque/Draft may be issued in favour of CENTRE FOR EMPOWERMENT AND INITIATIVES Payable at NOIDA (U.P.)

Our Achievements

CEI has treated more than 9000 patients with more than 11,000 appliances.

CEI wishes to make 'physically challenged' to STAND on their own feet and walk even without support of BAISAKHI.


We will grateful if you /your organization will contribute to the cause to the maximum extent possible.

The DONATIONS enjoy tax benefit under section 80 vide DIT (Extemptions), Delhi Letter no. DIT (E)/2010-2011/C-1294/5536 dated 27/2/2012.