Working towards benefits of the "Poorest of the Poor"
Working towards benefits of the "Poorest of the Poor"

What We Do

  • Assesment & Evaluation

    Basically done for diagnose the condition/ medical history of the patient. Once we done the assessment then the evaluate the physical condition (such as muscle strength / other complications and all).

  • Casting & Measurement

    It is done all the cutomized options for the patient, exact casting and measurement ensures the minimum errors in the fabrication.

  • Modification

    It is done on casting/ measurement. We gives the forces (counter as well as corrective ) on the mould.

  • Fabrication

    Mouldings / Drapping of HDPP pipe on polythylene sheet (4mm, 5mm, 8mm etc..) This process is done for preparing the negative mould.

  • Alignment (Static Alignment)

    It is for make the device / appliance stand straight after fabrication. It is important for all customised solutions

  • Fitting (Dynamic Alignment)

    It has to be done while patient starts moving, dynamic alignment differs from patient to patient.

  • Gait Training

    It is very important part of the whole process, which has been given in suspension of specialist of prosthetist and Orthotist or given by the Orthopaedician / PMR Head.

  • Delivery Or Discharge

    After everything done completely and patient is satisfied with the customized solutions,gait training & all. Then we discharged the patient by our clinical head / centre manager.